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Doing what she loves most.

Rosario Broin is a 27-year-old winemaker with an enology degree from the Universidad Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Rosario’s passion for wine began at an early age, when she participated in several visits to wineries and found herself admiring the professionalism and passion she observed. She began to realize that this was how she wanted to build her own career.

Rosario’s favorite season in the winery is the beginning of the winemaking process, just after the grapes are harvested. She finds it exciting to see the transformation of raw fruit into the beautiful nectar that will eventually become finished wine.

In her spare time, Rosario enjoys biking, working out and hiking in the highlands of the Mendoza province. She believes that time spent doing what we truly love is the key to a balanced and creative life. Her favorite cuisine is pasta, prepared Argentine-style and usually served with an excellent Cabernet Franc or Merlot

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